Party Bags

(Suitable for ages 4 yrs and up)

Leave the hassle of organising party bags to us. We make it incredibly easy for you, and have a range of brilliant bags and party favors to choose from. Simply call us to place your order over the phone.


All our items are great quality and because we buy everything in bulk, it often makes sourcing them through us, cheaper than doing them yourself.

Just tell us what you want in your bags, or if you’re not sure, we’re happy to choose for you. Either way, your party bags will look fantastic and include great quality items that kids love.

Choose from our ‘colourful balloon design’ party bags or a range of different themes.

All party bags can be made bespoke to however you like and we can send them to you by post, or arrange for your entertainer to bring them on the day.

Please note that party bags orders are always subject to availability, so we need a minimum of 7 days notice to ensure we have your required items in stock.



(Min order of 20 bags)

Non themed bags:
£1.45 per bag (4 toys in a bag)
£1.65 per bag (5 toys in a bag)
£1.85 per bag (6 toys in a bag)
£1.95 per bag (7 toys per bag)

Themed bags:
£1.75 per bag (4 toys in a bag)
£1.95 per bag (5 toys in a bag)
£2.15 per bag (6 toys in a bag)
£2.25 per bag (7 toys per bag)

Plus postage:


Party bags are sent directly to you in the post.


Available toys include:

  • Mini snakes and ladders game*
  • Medals*
  • Wall crawlers*
  • Mini catchable bubbles*
  • Stretchy men*
  • Sticky creatures*
  • Bouncy balls
  • Jungle puzzles
  • Mini catch-a-ball in a cup game
  • Jungle tattoos
  • Jungle stickers
  • Smiley faced stickers
  • Mini slide puzzles
  • Crayons
  • Cool kids specs
  • Paratroopers

Deluxe items (please add 75p extra per item):

  • Water Pistols*
  • Large tube of catchable bubbles*
  • Balloon powered car*
  • Instant snow powder*
  • Magic Sand (sand stays dry even in water)*
  • Balloon powered helicopter*

*Froggle’s personal favourites