Babies and Toddlers

Suitable for ages 0-1 years.

Full to the brim with a mix of wonderful activities and sensory play, our exclusive baby and toddler parties are tailor-made to ensure everyone is mesmerised all the way through – Mums and Dads included!

baby with bubbleWe offer a huge range of our own fun and silly froggle tunes for the children, as well as plenty of familiar musical favourites. There’s wonderful action songs including Froggle’s ‘Tickle Tummy Tune’, brilliant action games for both the kids and grown-ups to do together, ‘jiggle and bounce’ games with bells and maracas, plus amazing and colourful parachute fun. There’s a feast of colourful and sensory play where you and your children can join in.

As well as all of this, there’s also heaps and heaps of bubbles that stream through the air to create a wonderful and engaging party atmosphere. Everyone knows children love bubbles!

You’ll meet Froggle’s all-time favourite fuzzy pal ‘Puggle’, who joins in the songs with the mums, dads and little ones.

We confirm everything via the phone and so if you’d like to book a party, please call us or you can email us on our contacts page to request more information.

45 minutes party includes:

“My daughter had a fabulous time and I have actually lost count how many times we have been told it was the best party ever! Froggle was simply amazing – he managed to keep all 27 toddlers totally captivated for the entire hour and I would most definitely recommend Froggle Parties going forward – the communication from start to finish was first class.”

Maura Ringwood

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