Balloon Workshops

goggle hat

Ever seen an entertainer making balloons and wished you could do it too? Wouldn’t it be great to impress all your friends with a new found skill? At Froggle Parties, we run inspiring balloon workshops for anyone wanting to have a go at learning the hugely entertaining art of balloon modelling.


Suitable for any event and any ability; we can teach you to make basic balloons like swords or dogs, or you can learn more advanced shapes like penguins, crocodiles, monkeys in trees and bicycles. Froggle comes to your event or party with all the equipment and teaches how to make a wide range of different balloons.

These workshops are huge amounts of fun for any age, from 8 year olds all the way to adults. They’re perfect for parties or corporate events. You really will be amazed at what you can achieve in very little time!Contact us today to find out more!


candy cane

“I have to say that the entertainer was fantastic. We all had so much fun – both the kids and the adults.”

James Silbott.

blue sword

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