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Childrens Themed Parties

Kids Themed Party

Children’s Themed Parties are a wonderfully fun way to inject a bit of imagination and creativity into your children’s birthday party. With so many children’s party themes available you can quickly get choice paralysis so it can be a good idea to select 3 or 4 themed ideas and then ask your child which one they’d prefer otherwise you might find your child getting overwhelmed by how many different party options there are and before you know it you’ll be planning Christmas instead.

Popular Kids Themed Party Options

Popular childrens themed parties for boys include good old pirates, super heroes, knights, fire fighters, dinosaurs, or racing cars. For girls, it tends to be fairies or princesses, Hawaiian or under the sea themes. All of these children’s themed parties can be really fun and there’s loads of imaginative ways to do these but they also get done quite a lot so if you want something a bit different, there are loads of other great children’s party themes that you might like to consider too: For boys why not try out our super cool wild west party, or a space adventure theme, or a roaring jungle adventure. Other options are around the world, circus, magic castle, spies, egyptians, wizards or adventure. There’s loads of scope to make these fun and exciting.

For girls you could try a jungle theme (dora the explorer is very popular for children’s parties at the moment), or a circus theme, cheerleader, beach party, Peter Pan or tinkerbell party, egyptians, chocolate factory theme. Witches or a fairy tale party can be loads of fun too like doing a Rapunzel theme or alice in wonderland, or a mad hatter’s tea party! The sky is the limit. But remember try to avoid giving your child too much choice or making a decision could prove tricky.

How to theme your Kids Themed Party

Now you’ve decided on your kids themed party, how do you go about theming it? We take a lot of that stress off your hands. We incorporate a really fun and imaginative range of games and activities around your chosen theme so you don’t have to worry about any of it. The children’s entertainment is usually the heart and soul of any kids themed party so it is often a good idea to go with someone who specialises in this and we have tonnes of great themes that we have specially created here at Froggle Parties with our own unique childrens themed party stories and adventures. We can also do some amazing themed balloon sculptures to make you’re little one’s day all the more special and create brilliant themed adventures where the children are inside the story.

We come dressed up as the character of your kids themed party and can also suggest what children’s themes might work and how we could theme it for you. Other easy ways to theme your kids party is with fun table ware, cups, plates, table covers, balloons, decorations, the birthday cake, themed invitations – The list goes on!

If you’re looking for free childrens themed invitations, posters, certificates and name stickers here at froggle parties we have a large range of downloadable party invites, certificates, thank you notes, name stickers, and posters you can print off from home. Best bit -They’re all free!! We also have a range of childrens themed parties and options to choose from if you’re looking to hire someone. Happy organising!


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