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Children’s Party Success

When it comes to a successful children’s party the key is variety and a natural ability to respond to the children on their level.

We say this time and time again and yet we hear about parents’ past experiences with other children’s entertainers, where sadly they just didn’t manage to keep the kids entertained due to a lack of variety in the show and the inability to respond to how the kids are on the day.

It’s a common problem where many children’s entertainers usually have one type of show which, they plough through, in the order that they have done for years, regardless of whether the kids are engaged or not. This might work well from time to time, but unless you respond to how the kids are on the day of the party, and juggle the activities around to suit their energy levels, there is a real chance of losing their attention and leaving the children bored and restless.

It’s a real skill to be an entertainer – a good children’s entertainer. But not only that, you have to love working with kids and must love what you do otherwise you really don’t have any chance of engaging with the kids on their level.

Kids attention span is understandably limited, particularly when they are still very little and so if you have a limited number of activities at a children’s party, then the kids are likely to lose focus very quickly, no matter how good the entertainer is. Variety is key!

This is just something you might want to consider when booking a children’s entertainer. When we do our kids parties we respond to the children at the party and engage them every step of the way. Plus we include a huge mix of things for the kids because it just makes it so much more fun for them (and us)!


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