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Why the Perfect Children’s Party doesn’t need Everything

Ask any parent and they will tell you of the increasing pressure they feel when planning their child’s birthday party. The growing competitive element of hosting a children’s birthday party that has recently emerged now means that many parents end up overspending and creating a party that is filled to the brim with far too many activities. Here at Froggle Parties, we are well aware of the pressures facing parents, and would like to tell you that those looking to create a memorable birthday celebration for their little one should focus on simplicity and fun and try to ignore, where possible, the feeling that they have to compete with other parents as this can actually result in having an adverse affect on your children’s party!

Do remember that children love simplicity. Not to say the entertainment shouldn’t be good or varied. It should definitely be good and varied. It needs to be engaging, fun and imaginative too. But parents should avoid the temptation to overload their kid’s party with too many activities at the same time as this will end up being over stimulating and confusing. We’ve seen it time and time again where parent book an entertainer, bouncy castle, pop corn machine, mascot, face painter, etc.. all in one party that last just 2 hours. Parents feeling the need to plan a party filled with different activities can actually leave birthday boys and girls so overwhelmed with far too much to take in that they don’t focus properly on any one thing and are unable to really enjoy their special day properly. Instead, parents should choose no more than a handful of activities for the children and to make sure that there is plenty of time for the kids to enjoy all of it.

In the same way, parents that don’t plan enough activities or have any form of entertainment at all, can often find that their children are completely underwhelmed, bored or worse become very restless and start running around and be difficult for parents to control. If there is no structure to the entertainment planned this can happen a lot, which is something all parents want to avoid.

A perfect party has a few fun activities planned for different times, but parents should be prepared for their party ‘timetable’ to change slightly during the celebration so it can be adapted to suit the kids energy levels on the day and to accommodate any unforeseen events e.g. food running late.

For parents that are confused over what activities and entertainment to choose, we at Froggle Parties can help. Contact us for a chat about your party plans and we will take into account the age of your child, their likes and personality, we’ll make sure the party is varied, but well structured and that the kids can fully enjoy all aspects of the entertainment planned. We can help you to pick from one of our many entertainment and party packages that will make your child’s celebration be a really fun and special day for your little one.


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