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How To Accomplish The Perfect Themed Children’s Party

How To Accomplish The Perfect Themed Children’s Party

For kids, the only thing better than a party is a themed party. One of the great ways to mark a special occasion such as a birthday is with an exciting themed children’s party full of fun and specific themed ideas.
If you’re feeling daunted, don’t worry. It’s natural to wonder how you can arrange something like this but with a little careful planning and some great advice from us here at Froggle, there is no reason why you can’t give your child a fantastic party without too much stress.
The most important thing about planning a themed party is consistency and so here is how you can make sure your theme spreads all the way through your event.

Invitations –
Once you (or your little one) have decided on the perfect theme, it’s time to get the invitations sorted as early as possible. You could ask your child to help out at this point and get them to create their very own design which incorporates the theme. Alternatively, you could print off some appropriate pictures and stick them onto your blank invites to make them colourful and eye-catching. However, if you would rather use one of our readymade designs, we have plenty you can choose from and print off on our party invites page.

Fancy Dress –
The best way to get your guests in the right spirit form the start is to suggest that they wear fancy dress. Don’t forget about putting this on the invites and to make it clear that they don’t have to dress up if they don’t feel like it; otherwise it may put some people off attending if they can’t find anything to wear.

It’s a good idea to make your fancy dress as easy as possible to get involved with so that nobody feels left out if they haven’t got the time or resources to go all out. For example, a pirates and princesses party could just consist of the pirates wearing eye patches and the princesses holding magic wands. You could even supply these at the door if there is enough left in the budget.

Food –
Food time is always one of the best parts of any party and there are a couple of different ways you can extend the theme to the dinner table as well. One idea is to take normal party snacks and rename them in line with your theme. For example fish fingers could become ‘witches fingers’ for a Halloween party or scotch eggs could become ‘cannon balls’ during a pirate and princesses event.
Alternatively you could make some creations of your own from scratch. Here are some great ideas for an animal themed bash and a party fit for multiple princesses.

The Entertainer –
A children’s entertainer from Froggle can not only provide a thrilling focal point to your party but also give you some time to relax whilst the kids are enjoying themselves. We have a wide range of different performers to suit any theme you like and we can even create a custom package to suit your specific event. The entertainer will show up dressed for your themed occasion and organise games and performances that encapsulate the topic you have chosen; captivating the young audience and getting them involved at every turn.

Party Bags –
At the end of a party it’s a great idea to give all your guests something that will remind them of the wonderful day they have had. Party bags usually include a piece of the birthday cake, some balloons and a couple of little toys, and so you can easily make these appropriate to your theme. If you are struggling to come up with ideas then we can provide the party bags for you so that you can round off the occasion in the best way possible.
If you would like to book a themed party for your child or find out more information regarding our entertainers, then please visit our contact page here.


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