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Creating a Party Food Feast for Your Child’s Celebration

An important part of any child’s birthday celebrations is the party food, and parents who are choosing to do the spread themselves will want to create a feast that is guaranteed to get eaten. Naturally, dishes you choose will be dependent on what kind of party your child is having but there are a few ways in which you can make sure that your party food goes down a treat.

Mix Staples with party food ‘Experiments’
It’s always fun to create your own fun dishes. You can get loads of ideas form the internet. Our face book page has loads of posts on party food ideas too. But no matter what you do it’s almost certain that some dishes will be more popular than others. You therefore should aim to create a spread that is a mix of good party food staples like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, sandwiches, etc…with ‘experimental’ plates like party themed cupcakes, food shaped as characters from a theme, etc… Whilst planning the menu, make sure that you consider what leftovers you may have, and how you would use them too as there can be a lot of food left over.
With classic party food such as crisps and biscuits, buying multipacks and refilling will mean that any leftovers you have are fresh and easily used in lunch boxes and for snacks. With more ‘experimental’ dishes, make sure that you and your family will be willing to eat them if left untouched.

Timing is Everything
Deciding when to eat during a children’s party is important, as eating too early can leave kids feeling tired and wanting a rest or even take focus away from the rest of the celebrations. Parents should aim to put out the party food at a sensible time, and loosely base this around the time that their own children usually eat. Aim to eat halfway through the celebrations so that children don’t run out of energy and so that the entertainment and party games can be fully enjoyed.
Also, consider timing when placing the dishes. As children are far more likely to be tempted by the unhealthy snacks you provide, so why not put out vegetable sticks and dips and fruit first, and then crisps, sandwiches, biscuits and chocolate after, so that the children at the party are more tempted to eat some of the healthy spread you’ve provided.

Check for Allergies
When sending out the invites, it might be suitable to request any dietary information from parents that will help you create a spread that can be enjoyed by all. Parents of children with severe allergies or special dietary requirements may already know they need to contact families prior to attending birthday parties to avoid issues on the day, but some will assume that they will be catered for or forget to mention it.

By asking families to provide details of special diets, you can include (or not include) certain dishes that means no one at the party goes hungry.

Presentation isn’t necessarily everything
Do try not to add unnecessary stress or pressure on yourself. Most parents are on the quest to create the perfect birthday celebration and therefore may think that presentation of their party food is essential. Of course it’s fun to make things look nice and show some thought. Although presentation and display of party food may be important to adults, do remember it’s not necessarily noticed by the children and it is a kid’s party after all.

If you have the natural creative flare and want to put on a great spread of fantastic looking party food then why not!! But if it’s going to stress you out then do remember that with all the excitement that is created from entertainers, party games, and celebrating with friends, when it comes to picking from a selection of party food, children won’t be too fussed about any delicate arrangement, but more about taste and variety and you could have gone to all that trouble only to find it not being appreciated afterwards.

Of course if you’re making party food together with your children, before the party, then your kids will love this as it gets them involved in their party even more and it’s a great activity to do with your kids.

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