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Hosting A Kids Party On A Budget

Although things seem to be on the up again in this country, as far as the economy goes, most people are still keen to keep track of their expenses and hold on tight to those purse strings where possible. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still host a great party for your child’s birthday; or any other special occasion for that matter.
Here are some great tips for running your party on a budget.

Limit the Number Guests –
Usually you would want to invite as many of your child’s friends as possible in order to not leave anyone out, but with a tight budget this isn’t always possible. Consider only inviting their closest friends in order to keep the numbers down. This will mean you have to make less food, buy less party bag paraphernalia and can hire a smaller venue. You can always take some cupcakes into school so that anybody who didn’t come to the party can still celebrate with your child.

Host At Home –
If you are comfortable with opening up your house to a large number of excited children then it can be a great money saving tactic to stage the party at home. Community centres and town halls may provide the perfect space but they are often quite expensive. Ask some other parents to help you to supervise so you can ensure your house is left in a relatively normal state once the kids have gone home.

Spend Money On What’s Important To Your Child –
The chances are that you will have some sort of budget for the party and so you should choose where this is spent, wisely. Don’t splurge on things that your child won’t be too worried about, such as food presentation, elaborate decorations and party outfits, as the chances are that these will not affect the fun that is had. Or if you really do like the idea of doing something fun and creative with the party food, look on line for some great food ideas that you can do at home with your child together. This is so much more fun than buying ready made stuff anyway. Plus it’s a really fun and affordable way to involve your child in the party preparation. If you’re saving on food, bags, decorations and hall hire, instead, why not invest in one of our children’s entertainers so that you can relax a little whilst the party continues and the children can have a great time. This way you’re still able to give your child a really great party without it costing an arm and a leg. We do great deals on weekday parties too, so if you want to benefit from a discount on one of our weekday parties we do loads of after school parties that go down really well. Plus it then frees up your weekend to do other fun family activities.

Pick A Minimal Theme –
Themed parties are great for children of all ages, but there is no need to choose something over the top that is going to cost a pretty penny to pull off. Instead, choose a theme that can be delivered by making things from clothes your child already has rather than having to buy them from a party supplier. We seem to have lost the era where parents use to make costumes for their children. Instead they go and buy them from a costume shop. But there are so many creative ways to make costumes for your children, that really stand out and. Pirates and princesses are very popular themes, to name a couple. Why not look online for ideas on how to make affordable costumes that end up being more unique than the generic pirate shop costume bought online.

At Froggle Parties we have a range of options that could help you if you are on a bit of a budget. We have free party invites and posters that you can print off at home, party extras that can be incorporated into the price of your deal and a flexible range of costs depending on how long you hire our entertainers for.

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