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Get Learning whilst having heaps of party fun at Froggle’s Science Parties

Froggle Parties are all about creating a memorable fun experience for your children’s party, but we are also aware and focused on including and encouraging learning whilst having heaps of fun, which is why we are really excited to talk about our recently launched science parties. Future Einsteins will be delighted with our latest party option as our entertainers explore the world of science in an incredibly engaging and energetic way.

Science parties are becoming more and more popular with kids, and it’s not hard to see why as they are so much fun!!! Both for the children and the adults. What’s more, whilst the kids are having an incredible party, they’ll have no idea that they are actually learning at the same time!!


With our ‘Silly Science’ parties aimed at 4-7 year olds, and ‘Super Science’ for 8-12 year olds, our science parties are not only packed with fun, but are also conscientious of educational ability aiming to be filled with excitement that helps children learn.

Party guests and hosts can be amazed at the super cool science demos that our entertainers are specially trained to perform, and even get involved in some of the hands-on experiments that focus on the ‘fantastic forces’ like static electricity, air, magnetism and friction.


Our emphasis is always on having heaps and heaps of fun – it is a kids party after all! Our entertainers will also play science related party games with guests and offer balloon modelling displays. With such a fun experience on offer, Froggle’s Science Parties are the perfect combination of education and fun and make a great party for children that have an avid interest in science.

For parents who feel that a Froggle Science Party is the perfect celebration for their little one, here are some suggestions for planning it. Along with hiring one of our great entertainers why not try some of these tips to help create the perfect party experience:

1. Fancy Dress: Why not have your guests turn up as wacky scientists. A look that is easy to achieve. Children can wear white lab coats over their normal clothes and thick rimmed glasses or safety goggle. Mess up the hair for the ultimate wacky look. (We provide science googles for all the kids at our parties and if it’s a birthday, your child gets to wear our super cool froggle lab coat)

2. Decorations: Turn your venue into a laboratory by using a variety of decorations. Plastic jars and bottles (never use glass ones) filled with food colouring dyed water make great chemical concoctions (just make sure they are never placed anywhere that could stain anything if spilt though e.g. carpets or furniture), and you may want to print out some scientific signs e.g. Periodic tables and drawings of molecular structures are great decorations for bare walls. A door decorated with hazard and warning signs make the perfect entrance to your party lab!

3. Party Food: Give your food exciting science themed names by writing name labels next to them and placing them on the table eg. ‘Fizzy potions’ (differnet coloured drinks served in plastic beakers), ‘Mini Planetary Pizzas’, ‘molecular mouthfuls’ (e.g. cheese balls and grapes attached to tooth picks), ‘slimy worms’ (e.g. jelly snake sweets), ‘exploding egg sandwiches’, ‘exploding candy’ (e.g. popping candy)

Parents and children who are interested in hosting a science party for any type of celebration should contact us for a chat about planning and more information about what our great Science Parties have to offer.


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