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What to Include in your Party Bags

Party bags are a great way to say thanks to the young guests that have attended your child’s birthday party, and leave them with a little something that gives them a memory of a great day. Making a party bag for each guest that are based around the themes and entertainment doesn’t have to be costly or filled to the brim with items but can just include a small selection of child-friendly items that leave guests saying a happy farewell once the celebrations are over. To help parents decide on what to include in their party bags, we’ve created a list of great items that children will love!

• Birthday Cake- With children having already filled themselves up with the party food you provided, once the candles have been blown out and Happy Birthday sung, the cake is best divided and placed in the party bags to be eaten later.

• Toys- Some small plastic party toys give children items that will keep them entertained once the birthday celebrations are over, and can even match the party’s theme. Remember that you don’t need to go over the top with contents, and should aim to have no more than 10 items in their party bags.

• Sweets- A small packet of sweets or chocolate are easy to add to a party bag. Leftover mini packs of sweets from the party food spread can be dropped into the bags as the food table is cleared, or parents can buy multipacks to be purposely used.

• Balloons- A birthday party isn’t complete without some balloons. Our entertainers can create some brilliant balloon animals for kids to take home on the day, but why not include some bright, colourful balloons for them to blow up once at home.

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• Thank You Notes- A party bag is already a great way to say thank you to the children that attended your little ones birthday but parents may also want to consider including hand written thank you notes in their party bags or you can use free ones that we have available on our site in our party invites and stationary page.

• Certificates – Kids love certificates and they don’t have to cost the earth. It’s not a toy but lets face it, toys get played with for a few minutes (if at all) whereas a certificate is something they can keep and remember for a long time. They don’t have to cost anything either, we offer free downloadable and printable certificates and other party stationary on our website.

With so much to organise it can be difficult to find the time (and the money) to create an amazing party bag for your guests, so parents who are feeling rushed of their feet will be pleased to know that we offer a Party Bag service, that can be filled with fun toys and be added to as you please. For more information of what they include, head to our Party Extras page or visit our contact page to get in touch.


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