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4 Exciting Themes For Your Child’s Party

4 Exciting Themes For Your Child’s Party

The chances are that your child and their invited guests will already be pretty excited about the prospect of a party, but if you really want to get them looking forward to the day itself then adding a theme could do the trick. A themed children’s party gives the kids a chance to dress up whilst also giving you a great topic for which to base your decorations, food and entertainment around.
At Froggle, we have a wide range of themes that we can incorporate into any celebration. It’s just up to you to decide which one will suit your event best and, more importantly, which one your guest of honour will enjoy the most. Here is a selection from the long list we can cater to.

Pirates And Princesses –
This has to be one of the most popular themes and always goes down well with the little ones. It’s so easy to pull off as well and you can make it as minimal or as full on as you like. Pirates can either turn up fully decked out in attire or with a simple eye patch. The girls will also be really excited about being able to don their favourite dresses, adorn themselves with a tiara and greet their royal subjects!

When it comes to food, you can also integrate your theme here too. Mini pizzas could become ‘Cinderella’s carriage wheels’ and fish fingers could become ‘pirate planks’ that lily-livered sailors have to walk.

Space –
Space is a great theme for both boys and girls as it really allows the children to let their imagination run away with them. Will they come dressed as a strange alien from the planet Winglewog, or will they arrive in a spacesuit ready for their latest adventure into the unknown voids of the galaxy. You could even ask half of your guests to dress as aliens and the other half as astronauts and then use these teams within your entertainment.

Food could include various twists on party classics, such as ‘asteroids’ instead of meatballs and ‘moon rocks’ in place of chicken nuggets. The venue could also be decorated to look like a strange planet with stars, moons and spaceships on the ceiling.

Circus –
Having a circus themed kids party can be a great way to give the children a chance to learn a few new skills whilst they are having fun. They could have a go at learning to juggle, or fooling around like their favourite clown, Froggle. The circus is not just about the guy with the red nose and big shoes though, and so the children have plenty of options when it comes to fancy dress. There’s the ring announcer, the gymnasts, the lion tamer and the strong man; to name just a few.

At the circus, tomatoes can easily be renamed as ‘clown’s noses’ (you might even persuade a child to eat one when they would otherwise turn their nose away to a vegetable!) and similarly, cheese puffs can be transformed into ‘juggling balls’. To really add that finishing touch, why not turn your venue into a Big Top with some multi-coloured fabric.

Wizards And Witches –
This theme has always been a firm favourite, particularly at Halloween, but has grown in popularity since the rise of a certain boy wizard – yes we do mean Harry Potter. Your little guests can dress as their favourite character from the film franchise or as a wizard or witch from their own imagination. The beauty with this theme is that it doesn’t take much to transform an ordinary child into a wizarding genius; just a hat and wand in most cases.

If you wanted to rename some of your food in line with the theme then candyfloss could easily be referred to as ‘Merlin’s beard’ and your juice or soup could be labelled ‘witches brew’. You could even go all out and serve the food in mini cauldrons.
Our enthusiastic performers can arrive at your party complete with some great entertainment that complements your theme perfectly. Whether that means magic for your wizards and witches event or a zero-gravity adventures for your space party; leave it to them to bring the fun. If you want to hire any of our children’s entertainers for your celebration in London or the surrounding areas, then please go to our booking enquiry page today.


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