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Children’s Party Venues

Children’s Party Venues
Are you looking for venues for your deluxe children’s party in the coming weeks? Looking for the right location is almost always problematic, unless you know who to ask! Thankfully, we have some of the answers when it comes to organising an amazing children’s party and we’re here to help.

Looking for a Top Venue?
There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to host a children’s party in your own house. Either you don’t have enough room in your house for a whole classroom of children, or you don’t want your house to get damaged. Perhaps you don’t have the time to clean up after a party.

Getting your party organised in the right location is of great importance. Organising a party that is too far from anywhere is not a good idea, as other parents have to consider the cost of transport. Other considerations for your setting may include disabled access, the size of the hall itself and the cost.

Where to Start?
We host a lot of children’s parties in a number of locations. As a result we’ve built up a large database of prime locations for your event that can be found on our website.

If you are looking for the perfect location for your children’s party, we can help with our Venue Finder. Enter your postcode into the search bar and we will present an array of locations using Google Maps.
Please note however, that you need not only choose from our list. We have selected a number of locations that we recommend. We are not affiliated with these centres in any way and this search function is entirely free.

How much?
If you would like to find out how much a centre costs, just click on one of the balloons and take down the contact details. You should ask the centre first if they charge by the hour or by child. Some centres do charge per person and this can become very expensive if you are looking to host a large number of friends.

Unfortunately, we cannot organise venue hire on behalf of our customers, but we can provide some helpful tips.

Contact us
If you have found the best location for your children’s party in London, then why not contact us today to make a booking? We’ve plenty of knowledge and experience in helping set up amazing kid’s parties.


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