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How to make Fancy Dress with Household Items

How to make Fancy Dress with Household Items
Having a party in fancy dress is unbelievable amounts of fun!! Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice with online party costume shops. You could go and buy some costumes, but then why do that when you could have the fun of making them? It’s great fun and a great activity to do with your kids and gets them even more excited about the big day!

Find Materials
There are lots of cheap materials you can find around the house to make some great costumes. The greatest of all is cardboard! You can make anything out of cardboard when you’re armed with lots of masking tape, a pair of scissors and some string. It’s very easy to pick up some free cardboard boxes if you go and ask around at some shops. Supermarkets in particular get through a lot of boxes and should have some spare banana boxes that they’ll be happy to give you. Otherwise cereal boxes are a good alternative and can be easier to manipulate for things like a quick rolled wizards hat!

So get all your materials ready and whack out the paints. Below we list some ideas of things you could make for a few of our children’s birthday parties!

Oversized Glasses
No science party would be complete without a few nutty professors and all you need is one of Dad’s old white shirts and then make an oversized pair of glasses and a wacky bow tie!

For the glasses all you need is cardboard, masking tape and a pair of scissors or craft knife. Just draw the shape for the front and sides of the glasses in one line, just like the old paper 3D glasses, and make sure you have the curve to fit over the nose and the curly bits to go round your ears. A responsible adult needs to cut around the outline, taking extra care when cutting out the middle of the frames. Do this by making a hole in the middle so you can poke the scissors through and cut.

Then paint your glasses. Black is traditional, but you could always get the glitter out and make some Elton John style glasses! After you’ve finished your jazzy painting just fold the sides to a form a right angle with the front and complete your glasses shape. To reinforce the fold and to make the nutty professor look all the more convincing, you can wrap the masking tape around the corners to give a broken glasses look.

Big Funky Bow Tie
The bow tie is a similar process. Just draw out a big bow tie shape, cut it out and paint it any colour you like. My personal favourite is red with white polka dots, because patterns always look really funky on a bow tie! Now make two sets of two holes (like a colon sign : ) either side of the knot in the centre of the bow tie. Then take a long piece of string and thread it up and down the holes, so that you don’t have to make a knot on the painted side of the bow tie. Then put on the bow tie and tie a double knot.

Pretty Fairy Wings
Every little girl feels special in set of fairy wings and they’ll enjoy them even more if they made them themselves! The easiest way to make them is to cut out the two wings as one shape, so that the two wings join together with a strip of cardboard at least 10 cm long. This should make it easier for them to stay upright. When you’ve cut them out it’s time to get painting. You could draw out some pattern to paint with lots of swirly lines and stars and then whilst the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter!
Cut four holes in the centre of the wings by poking your scissors through with blue tack the other side to lean on. You can use elastic to finish the wings, or if you don’t have any elastic just use string. Just thread the elastic up and down through the left set of holes and take another piece for the right set. Then tie a knot to make a circle for the fairy’s arm to fit through. It is easier to do this if you tie them directly onto the fairy and then she’s all set to flutter away!

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