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How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Children’s Party

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Children’s Party

Providing the weather holds, there is nothing more exciting than an outdoor children’s party! Rather than being cooped up inside, the fresh air and additional space will do your guests good and give them new terrain to explore. Here are a few top tips if you’re thinking about hosting a children’s party in the garden or a hired outdoor space:

Plenty of food
An array of party foods will go down a treat. Try to ensure that you:

• Balance healthy and sugary snacks, avoiding too many E numbers
• Keep fluid levels up with regular drinks, particularly on hot days
• Provide shaded seating while children are eating

No outdoor children’s party is complete without games, and being outdoors will give you plenty of scope. Depending on the size of your garden and the age of the kids attending you could also arrange a:

• Treasure hunt
• Water balloon battle (best to advise for kids to have a change of clothes with them though)
• Messy flour and water game – where you have 2 tubs (one filled with water and the other with flour.) The kids have to use only their mouth to ‘fish’ out a sweet in a tub full of water and then they have to do the same in a tub of flour. Only once they do it with flour, they will end up with their faces covered in it- loads of fun!!! They must keep their hands behind their back at all times!
• Relay race
• Talent show – get the kids into groups and give them ideas of what they could do e.g. sing, do a funk dance they make up for themselves, a mini play, a mini x factor style competition, or whatever they like.
• Obstacle course – another fun idea is to set up some pegs either side of the garden with string either side and tell the kids that the string are laser beams that they have to crawl under, like a spy or just a cool obstacle course game. If you have garden toys, e.g. a slide (where they have to slide down the slide before coming back through the ‘laser beam maze’ or paddling pool (where they have to fish something out of the pool full of water and bring it back through the laser beam maze).

With a bit of imagination – a lot of fun can be had!!!

If you’re not up for doing your own entertainment or you want to mix things up with some of your own plus some activities form the professionals then Froggle is always here to help!!! We have done many an outdoor children’s party. They are very popular – particularly in the summer!

Our professional children’s entertainers can really take the pressure off you as a host as well as making the birthday boy or girl feel really special. We have plenty of entertainment packages that are perfect for an outdoor children’s party.
Our children’s entertainers bring so much fun to any party and can include some great activities such as:

• Magic tricks
• Puppet shows
• Comedy
• Musical or dance-based activities
• Balloon modelling
• Exciting themes
• Science parties
• Clowns
• Discos and more

Introducing a theme can pull all of the above elements together. For example, if your children’s entertainers will be doing magic tricks, a magician or wizard theme goes down well. The children can dress up as their favourite character and the food and games could have a magical theme incorporated too. If you’re planning an outdoor treasure hunt, guests could come dressed as pirates and your children’s entertainers can include a cool pirate theme throughout.

If you want a fun and active party then you could try our superb bubble and activity party that’s perfect for active kids.

Getting the help you need
If you are planning a planning an outdoor children’s party, why not give us a call and see how Froggle Parties can help you host a brilliant party. We will work with you to make your party enjoyable and extremely memorable. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

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