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Fun ideas to do with the kids in the Summer

Family Fun Activities for a Kid’s Summer Party

There’s no better way to put a smile on everybody’s face than being outside in the sun at a summer kid’s party. It’s a great opportunity for kids and adults to have fun together as most of the activities are fun for all ages, so families can spend time with one another. Take a look at our ideas to jazz up your party.

Water Fights
When it comes to games that are fun for all, you can’t get better than a water fight. Get prepared with loads of coloured balloons and create some safe zones where people can escape if they don’t fancy partaking or just need a second to catch their breath! You can even try a water version of dodgeball by dividing your garden into two and when a person gets hit they have to go and stand at the back of the opposition’s half. If that person can catch the balloon they are reinstated as long as it doesn’t burst first! The losing team is the one with no players left. They’ll be easy to spot because they’ll all be soaking wet!

Garden Olympic Games
A fun idea is to set up a series of games, just like sports day. You can play as individuals or get into teams and nominate people to represent the team in each game – this way you can find a game appropriate for every age group. There are loads of games to choose from – a sack race, see who can hula-hoop for the longest, or set up a series of buckets with different values and see who can score the most by getting their bean bag or tennis ball into the high scoring buckets.

Fancy Dress Race
One guaranteed way to get everyone rolling over with laughter is the fancy dress race. Lay out funny items of clothing, one set for each team including a funny wig, dress or trousers, handbag, hat and shoes. Don’t worry if the sizes are a bit random – it all adds to the fun trying to squeeze into some tiny shoes or hold up some massive trousers as you run! Set up each item a couple of metres apart in a line for each team. Contestants must sprint to an item of clothing of their choice and sprint back to the starting line, then repeat until they’re wearing all of the clothes. The starting line then becomes the finish line and it’s a mad dash to the end!

Silly Tummies
In pairs hold a balloon between your tummies and race the other pairs to the finish line, trying to keep the balloon from falling on the ground. It’s a bit like egg and spoon racing but heaps more fun. If the balloon falls to the ground then you have to go back to the beginning. Why not try this with water balloons too. It makes it huge amounts of fun if they burst whilst holding them in between your tummies.

kids having fun
Fun at the beach

The Cool Down
Got a paddling pool and a hose? There’s no better way to entertain the kids than getting them in a paddling pool and soaking them down with a hose. You don’t even need the pool really although it’s a lot of fun. Alternatively you can play ‘Hose Fire it’ with the kids and get them to run away as you try to soak them!!

Find a beach ball and tell the kids it’s a detonator set to go off at any minute. The child who is holding the ball is ‘it’. Play music in the back ground and when it stops it means whoever is holding the dice is blown up and gets squirted with the hose! The object of the game is to not get blown up. (even though all the kids will want to get sprayed!) The other children have to run away from the ball. Meanwhile the child holding it has to run after someone and touch them with the ball to make them ‘it’ instead. If they do this, the child who was touched by the ball has to take it off the previous person and they are now it instead. They then have to pass the bomb onto someone before the music stops. At some point pause the music, which will signify that the bomb has blown up. At this point get all the kids to shout KABOOOM for extra effect!

When someone has been blown up, have the hose at the ready and soak them down!!! to signify being blown up! Then start the music up again and keep the game going.

Children’s Party Entertainers
By the time you’ve gone through a great host of summer party games everyone will be ready for a BBQ and a sit down – well, all the adults that is. The children will be ready for a BBQ and then lots more fun. At which point it might be a great time to welcome in a children’s party entertainer to keep the kids happy whilst the adults can relax and have a natter. If you’re looking for children’s party entertainers take a look at our website or give us a call.


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