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Amazing Science Fun!

Amazing Science fun for Science Week

This week is science week and here at Froggle Parties we love science!!

Science is growing fast in its popularity with kids, so there’s little surprise that our science parties are a huge hit with kids all ages.

Imagine if you could show kids how to levitate objects in the air, or move things with an invisible force!! Well you can!!! And its not magic. No sireee. Its science!!!! – One of the coolest toys that has hit the market recently just happens to be a science toy and its one we use a lot in our kids parties!

In a nutshell it is a mini van de graaff machine, that is compacted into a small fun static stick

How does it work?
A van de graaff machine, generates static electricity. The force created by static electricity can push objects around. The static stick does exactly the same but in a more compact form.

See it in action here on this video

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Its so popular that even star wars have used the technology to market it as a cool kids toy, and why not. Its affordable and a great way to get kids excited about science, whilst having fun. Its a win win situation where kids learn whilst having a brilliant time.

This is one of the many activities we do in our science parties, as well as launch rockets, do fizz pop bang experiments, make slime, blow giant beach balls over kids’ heads, blow giant fog rings across the room and more! For more info you can check out our science parties or other children’s parties here.


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