Organising your kids party – a go to checklist

Organising your kids party – a go to checklist

helpful party tipsOrganising a party for your children only happens once a year but it can still be very stressful.

Nowadays the pressure seems to be on to make even more elaborate parties but just remember that kids enjoy thing when they are fun but simple!!!

We recommend planning 6 weeks in advance . Any longer and you’ll find that children’s entertainers and kids party venues get booked up and it makes your search more difficult and time consuming.

kids party entertainmentHere’s your go to checklist for what to sort out:

  1. Childrens entertainer – The entertainment for the kids should probably be the first thing to think about. After all that is the heart and soul of the party unless you’re doing it yourself. We have a blog on ideas for kids party entertainment you can look at here. It talks about how to help decide what to choose.
  2.  Kids party venue – Next on the list, if not at the same time, is the venue. We have a page on our site here with venues that you might like to contact. Its by no means an exhaustive list but its hopefully quite helpful.
  3. Party invites – Don’t delay getting these out as soon as possible – we recommend 5-6 weeks in advance otherwise you run the risk of someone else you know, booking a party for the same day. Then if that happens you need to either accept that only half of your kids may come, of think about rescheduling your entertainer and venue, which is a huge faff!  We have a HUGE collection of FREE party invites to choose from. Why pay for them after all?
  4. Food – Once you know what activitiessorting out your kids party checklistyou’re planning, you can think about food. This is a great way to be creative and involve your child in the party planning process. But try to avoid really intricate and overly complicated ideas that may lead to unnecessary stress before or on the day. Loads of parents put unecessary stress on themselves by trying to do too much. If you enjoy the challenge then fair enough. But if not, remember that often kids may not spend longer than 15 mins eating food anyway becuse they’re eager to get back to the entertainment, so they may not pay much attention to what your hand crafted sugar sculpture cup cakes look like.  If you’d rather not take on the extra work, then sandwiches, carrot sticks, crisps and juice boxes do the trick just fine!
  5. Party Bags – Do I need to do this you may think?  -The answer is of course, no you don’t have to/ But right or wrong, kids may be disappointed if they don’t get something to go home with. That said it doesn’t have to be a party bag. It could be a small mr men book or book of a similar sise with a wrapped up piece of cake. Or maybe your kids entertainer will do balloon models for the kids to take home. Our children’s entertainers do provide this, which saves you expense. Otherwise if you’re doing party bags, then just a few pocket sized fun toys do the job nicely! Try to go for toys that kids will like rather than cheap plastic toys that just get thrown away.  You don’t have to over fill the bags either. 1 or 2 quality items are far better than  5 or 6 bits of cheap plastic. We do provide party bags so if you want to save the hassle of doing them yourself then take a look at what we offer.froggle party on the phone
  6. Decorations – Nowadays decorations are really affordable on amazon or wilko or any party shop. So its good to have balloons and banners up at your venue to create a great party atmosphere.
  7. Cake – An obvious essential. Buy it or make it – your choice. If you’re looking for stress free, then ‘invite’ a loved one to make it for you. They are likely to love to be given the honour. lol Alternatively supermarkets and cake shops do amazing affordable cakes nowadays. there’s so much great choice.
  8. Chase up the RSVPs – hopefully you won’t have to do this but it people haven’t replied by 2 weeks before, do give them a friendly nudge. Do expect numbers to be different on the day though. Children’s parties rarely ever end up being the exact number that rsvp to say they can come. Often someone drops out, or turns up when they didn’t rsvp, or a sibling/s will show up. So do plan for more than you get rsvps for just in case.

If you want any kids party organising advice then we are here to help. Give us a call on the froggle party phone!!

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