Planning your children’s party

Planning your children’s party

Kids parties have become bigger and bigger over the last few years. There’s an overwhelming array of things to do, and parents are hit more and more with choice paralysis.

boy wizard in a wizard and witches themed kids party

‘Do I hire a children’s entertainer, and if so what kind?’, ‘Should I get a bouncy castle?’,  ‘What food shall I have? Shall I do it myself or get someone in?’,   ‘Should I have a theme? Which one?’,   ‘What do I put in the party bags’.

With so much on offer these days, what’s the best thing to go for?

As well as choosing what party to have, there is increasing pressure on parents to keep up with what other parents have done. Or to try and be different and stand out from the crowd. Its an understandable pressure. But remember, that pressure can lead to you planning a party that might look impressive, but one your child won’t really enjoy.

At Froggle Parties we know what kids love and we can confidently say that a successful party is not measured by how extravagant it looks, or how many amazing things you book, or how much money you spend. But rather by how much the children enjoy it!

kids party planningThe great news for parents is that very often, the more you throw at children at a party, the less your children are likely to enjoy it.

Remember thst two hours is about the normal length for a children’s party. Mainly because of children’s concentration levels. So there’s only so much you can fit in that time. If you cram too much in at at the same time you end up having multiple activities that are competing for the children’s attention and the kids don’t end up fully enjoying any of it.

Where as if you select one or two activities happening at separate times – That is a much better way of doing it, as kids can then focus on one thing at a time.

So many kids parties we’ve seen are choc-a-bloc full of activities – an entertainer, a bouncy castle, their child’s favourite Mascot character, face painter, DJs, candy floss machine, etc.. All of these things are fun in themselves, but not if they are happening at the same time.

So for example if you’re thinking of having an entertainer and a bouncy castle. That’s fine. But try to plan out separate times for each of them, so the entertainer is not competing for the children’s attention whilst doing a show, and vice versa.childrens party

If you want a magician and a disco. Don’t have them at the same time. Sounds obvious but we’ve seen many parties where parents want a magician for the kids and a disco for the adults. It doesn’t work to have them together, in the same room.

Remember – don’t overload your party with too much stuff. Keep it fun but simple.

So, with that said, what do you go for?

If you’re not sure what type of children’s party entertainment to go for, some popular choices are:

We find the best approach is to select 3 or 4 options and then present them to your child and let them choose one of them. That way you know they’re getting something they really want and will enjoy,  but also they’re involved in the planning process and are likely to get even more excited about their party.

If you’re thinking about a theme, give you kid 3 or 4 themes to choose form and let them pick from that.

Other less common party choices that are on the up nowadays are:

froggle party on the phoneWhatever you go for make sure the party has VARIETY. Too much of one thing is not going to be very engaging for the children otherwise.

Once you’ve got the children’s party entertainment sorted then thats the main thing. Next you want to think about the kids party venue, food and party bags. More blogs with suggestions on these coming. We actually offer help finding a venue on our venue finder page. And we offer party bags too.

Do give us a ring if you want to ask for free, no obligation advice about your little ones special day!


boy wizard in a wizard and witches themed kids party