Children’s party games and party entertainment

childrens party gamesChildren’s party games and party entertainment

When it comes to children’s party entertainment, variety is everything. If you’re organising a children’s party and you’re planning to do the entertainment yourself, remember this one thing – Variety is key to a successful party.

If you are doing it yourself, unless you’re a professional children’s entertainer and planning to do a disco or a magic show, then party games and dancing are an obvious choice.

Before you think of what games to play though, you want to think about your format and how much time you need to fill.



Typically a children’s party runs for 2 hours. It doesn’t have to. There are no rules, but any longer than 2 hrs and kids get restless. You want it to end on a high rather than drag out on a low.

Less than 2 hours though, is a bit too short and its over too quickly.  (Its good to have the hall booked 45 mins to an hour before and after this allotted time too, so you have breathing room for set and packing away.)

So assuming you are having the party for 2 hours, then a solid format that works well is to do 45 mins of entertainment, then 30 mins for food and drink and singing happy birthday, then another 45 mins of entertainment.

So you essentially have 2 x 45 mins slots of entertainment to fill.


With that in mind, here are some game ideas:


Games to play

Pass the parcel is a firm favourite with kids, but just a warning, it’s a lot of work to prepare a multi wrapped parcel. And the game can go on a long time, and towards the end young children can get very restless if they haven’t had a go for a while. Ideally you want a layer for every child (plus some extra in case of siblings that turn up and stay, or kids that didn’t rsvp and that still turn up).  Personally we feel pass the parcel is a game for 15 kids or under. Anymore and the game drags on a bit too long.


Volley ball-oon! – Simply stick on some music and put a balloon in the air and get the kids try to keep the balloon up in the air without it touching the ground. If they are older, or are managing relaly well with 1, then add more balloons for them to keep up to make it even more fun. The game can be played for as long as you want.


See you later waiter – like egg and spoon run but with trays and balls – get some trays and some soft play balls. Line the kids into 2 lines and give the kid at the front of each line a tray with balls on it. They have to run from one end to the other without dropping the balls, and back again. If they drop one they have to stop and pick it / them up and put them back on the tray. Once they are back ,they hand the tray of balls to the next person. The first team ot finish wins.

Musical chairs – a oldie but a goo ‘un. Get some chairs in a circle. You need one chair for every child you have. Once the music plays, the kids dance around the chairs. Once the music stops, they have to sit. Every time you do one round, take a chair away. One kid will be out each time. Play till there’s one winner left. Important – once kids are ‘out’. Don’t tell them they are ‘out’ . Tel lthem they are in the next stage of the competition, which is a dancing competition. They can go inside the inner circle of the chairs and start dancing, and they can be awarded prizes whilst the musical chairs game is playing. You never want to play games for elimination at young kids parties or they will get upset.  (whilst some people might argue ‘its important to learn they can’t win everything’  they certainly have a valid point. But it is a party after all, and you want kids to have fun, rather than get upset.

Limbo – unscrew the handle of a broom stick and use the stick as a limbo pole. Put some music on and get the kids to dance under the stick one at a time. Admittedly, not as good as a proper limbo kit but does the job just as well.

Conga– get the kids into a line and dance around to the conga.

Musical bumps / statues – every child’s favourite – but rather than playing for elimination, give ourt prizes to the kid who sits down, or freezes the fastest!

This is not a complete list of games to fill a whole party but gives some good ideas of some fun games you can do.

Whilst these games are fun for kids, the truth is the delivery of them is a key aspect. I.e you need to be someone that feels comfortable commanding a room full of excitable children. If that’s not you, get a friend or family member to do it. Or -hire a professional children’s entertainer.

The advantage of a kids entertainer entertainer is they will also offer you more than just games and dancing, which adds far more variety to a children’s party, and will give the kids something they don’t get to enjoy very often.

At Froggle parties we have a range of party packages and we pride ourselves on jam packing each party with lots of fun and exciting activities like games and dancing, bubbles, balloon modelling, magic shows, puppet shows, rocket balloons, touchable bubbles, parachute games, and more…

We can cater for any budget too, so if you’re not looking to spend money on an entertainer doing the whole party that’s fine. An option could be to have the kids entertainer for 45 mins to an hour and then entertain the kids yourself after they’ve had some tea.

We’re happy to work with you and give suggestions for how the party can best work for you. For more info, get in touch either by email or call us on the Froggle phone!