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Children’s Unicorn Themed Parties

Children’s Unicorn Themed Parties

Unicorn Parties are growing in popularity and we’ve created our absolutely brilliant unicorn themed kids parties, which children are already raving about!!!

Froggle comes dressed in a brilliant unicorn costume and leads the children through a brilliantly imaginative adventure story where they have to go into the rainbow forest and rescue a golden unicorn from the naughty forest goblins.


Our unicorn themed parties features an appearance from ‘SPARKLE’ the magic unicorn puppet.unicorn kids parties

Sparkle can help lead the kids through the forest with the help of her special map.

Along the way, the children go on a fast paced unicorn race, have to dodge the goblin’s rainbow rockets, as well as follow the path of a giant rainbow that can lead them to the secret unicorn caves.


The whole party includes a range of fun activities from magic, puppetry, games, dancing, bubbles and prizes. The adventure is woven throughout the whole party and kids love being part of the fully immersive imaginary story!!


Whats more, there’s free rainbow/ unicorn invites and other stationary to download and print too.

We have over 50 children’s themed parties to choose from.

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