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Hassle Free Kids Parties on a Tight Budget

Hassle Free Kids Parties on a tight Budget


1.Keep numbers down
Avoid the pressure of feeling you have to invite everyone in the whole class. The more kids you have, the more stressful and hectic it becomes so aim for just 8 to 10 of your child’s close friends.


2. Have the party at home.
Understandably a lot of parents dread this idea. Largely due to the potential mess. But if you’re having a smaller number of children then it should be much more manageable to have it at home and there will be far less mees to worry about.


3. Free invites
Rather than pay for the invites you can get plenty online for free. Froggle Parties has one of the largest range of free party invites that you can download and print. They have 100 different designs to choose from. Simply download them from their site and print them off.


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4. Food
Often parents serve up plates of different finger food for kids to pick at like crisps, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, etc… This is a great way to go. But to save even more time and hassle you could go for something even simpler likes big batch of pesto pasta, or cook some frozen pizzas or fish fingers and chips. It’s simple, very affordable and kids absolutely love it!


5. Decorations
Balloons are all you really need to give the place a lovely party atmosphere. They take longer than most people think to inflate and stick up though so ask a few friends to help you do this to save time. To help stick them up and avoid faffing with tying them up with string, we highly reccommend using double sided glue dots.

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6. Cake
Nowadays you can get really fun cakes at local supermarkets or even online, at very affordable prices. They are often cheaper than making it yourself.
In our family we always make the cakes for our kids. We love surprising them with a birthday cake that’s based on something our children are into and it’s great for them to look back at photos and see their parents made their cake. That said, it is always very stressful to find the time and it often works out more expensive than just buying one, after we’ve bought all the different coloured icing and decorative items that go in it.

You can make it yourself at less than the cost of buying one, but you just have to weigh up the pros and cons for you personally.



7. Entertainment
If you’re not used to entertaining a group of young children then you’ll still probably want to outsource this part of the party. You could plan to do games with the kids yourself but it is often the most stressful aspect of the kids party and the entertainment is often the heart and soul of the party so it’s a good idea to get an affordable children’s entertainer to make it really special for your child. It is a birthday party after all!

This can often be a costly aspect to every child’s party but if youve saved in other areas above, you may have more budget than you think for this.

Froggle Parties offers a huge range of affordable children’s entertainment options for all kinds of budgets, and if you opt for a morning slot that is finished by 1 pm, then they do good discounts for this too


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