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Best Games to Play at Kids’ Parties

The best games to play at kids parties, are simple ones that don’t require too much instruction.


At a children’s party, kids are excited, so you want party games that can be explained quickly AND don’t require getting into too many formations e.g circles, lines etc…..  not to say you can’t do formations, but you should keep those types of games to a minimum, especially if kids are quite energised and less likely to listen.

Also, avoid party games that eliminate children. It’s best to simply have some prizes to give to kids that do well in the games, but not actually eliminate anyone or have any losers.


So without further delay, here’s a list that works well.



Game 1 – Musical bumps

A classic but always a favourite. Simply have the children dance when the music plays, and quickly sit down when it stops. Fastest one to sit down each time gets a prize.



Game 2 – Cones

Get some plastic flat cones. The kind used for PE at school.  Have half of them on the floor the right way up, and half laid upside down. Split the kids into two teams. One team has to turn the cones the right way up, the other team has to turn them upside down. Give them a few minutes of flipping them over, then see how many cones are upside down and how many are the right way up. The winning team is obviously the one who has the most cones upside down or the right way up.



Game 3 – Pin the tail on the donkey

Another firm favourite. You can make your own or buy a kit. Simply give the kids a tail to pin on a poster that has a donkey on it. Blindfold the child with a scarf, twirl them on the spot a few times, and then get them to walk towards the donkey poster and try to pin the tail on the donkey’s bum! If they get it close they get a prize.



Game 4 – Parachute games

Ok so admittedly, we did that the best games to play at kids parties avoid the children going into formations like circles, BUT this is an exception, as when you get a parachute out, kids are very quick to grab a spot around the parachute. You’ll need to buy a ‘play parachute’. 

And maybe some balls but its totally worth it. Parachute games can last ages, with so many different games you can play. Here are just some parachute game ideas. 


best games to play at kids parties

Game 5- Thermal detonator

Again, this party game requires kids to get in a circle, BUT as they were already in a circle for the parachute, it’s a great kids game to follow up with. This is a bit like pass the parcel, but no prep needed making up a parcel – BONUS!!! Simply give them a ball, balloon or a fun prop – this is your THERMAL DETONATOR. Then play music and the kids have to pass it around. Whoever is holding it when the music stops, gets ‘blown up’ and has to pretend to explode in the most dramatic way possible. Its also fun to get all the kids to shout ‘KABOOOM’ each time the music stops. Whoever is blown up, is NOT eliminated. They stay in the circle and you can give them a little prize like a sticker. But it’s the last person to be blown up that wins the ultimate prize.



Game 6 –  Musical statues

Similar party game to musical bumps but the children stand and freeze when the music stops. Don’t be put off playing this game if you’ve already done musical bumps with the kid. They will still love it.



Game 7 – Super man song

Have the kids stand on the spot in the room, facing you. Play the super man song and lead the kids through the actions. It’s a very simple, yet very engaging children’s party game.


Game 8 – Treasure Hunt

Hide little party favor style toys around the room and have kids see if they can find them. If you have a lot of kids, perhaps have them sit down and let 4 or 5 kids go up and look at one time. Once they find a toy they come back, so someone else can have a go.


Game 9 –  Can Can

Have the kids stand on the spot, and then play the can can music. Get them kicking their legs in the air like the can can, then add in other random fun actions for them to do.


Game 10 – Touch a colour

Shout out a colour and tell kids to find something go the room that is the colour you’ve called out. They have to touch it and freeze so you can see. You then keep shouting out different colours, each time they look for that colour. BUT then when you repeat a colour they can’t touch the same thing. So the game gets harder. Give out prizes at the end for those you feel did really well.

Froggle Parties childrens entertainers


As we said before, the best games to play at kids parties are simple ones. These are classic children’s party games that don’t require too much preparation. You need a few props for some of them but not many.

If you don’t feel that leading kids party games is for you though, then another option is to book a children’s entertainer. Froggle Parties are professional kids party entertainers. We include heaps of amazing games. A lot of our games also include really fun larger than life props, that help give the games extra wow factor. We also can include other fun options like  entertaining magic, discos, themes, puppet shows, balloon modelling, bubble activities, science parties etc….

The games we’ve mentioned above, do work well, but if you’d rather leave the task of managing a kids party to a fun Froggle professional, do get in touch. If you mention ’GAMES BLOG’ when you call, we’ll even give you £10 off!!


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