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Looking for awesome kids party bags to give to your child’s friends at their birthday party?

It’s often a challenge to find decent going away gifts for your children that don’t also end up in landfill after 5 minutes. You often wonder was it really worth the expense and hassle when kids discard them so quickly.

You don’t want them to cost the earth, and you don’t want them to be filled with the same cheap tat that often goes into a lot of bags that children simply throw away 5 minutes after leaving the kids party.

A lot of party bags end up going into landfill and are really bad for the environment too.

But the good news is we have party bags that don’t cost the earth (both in terms of being eco-friendly and not being too expensive),  AND that kids actually will enjoy playing with for a good long while!!!

Our party bags are made out of paper, and our party toys are made of sustainable materials, and careful ychosen to ensure kids really get longevity out of them.

Check out our awesome ready made options right here on our party bags page. They are filled with a very generous amount of toys that kids really love playing with for a long time. Plus you get bonus points from your mum and dad friends for providing additional entertainment for the little ones, when you get home. WIN!!

Or if you’re looking to do it yourself, other ideas can include:

Giving the kids a balloon model to go home with – usually provided by the children’s entertainer

A small book (e.g from the Mr men series)

A piece of cake nicely wrapped up

A small eco friendly kids craft set – Gives them something fun to do at the end of the party.

Sock Puppet kit – there’s quite few options online

Seed growing pack – Really fun growing trend that gets kids into nature and is even better if you buy the seeds for flowers that attract bees and other insects.

If you’re also looking for children’s entertainers then this is our specialty. Check out our kids party packages here.

If you’re looking for other eco friendly ideas you could try Eco Party Bag too. They have heaps of ideas and support the Ukrainian appeal.

If you want other alternative options you could also give your kids a balloon model to go home with , or a small book (like the mr men books) or a piece of cake wrapped up. Or simply one nice small but inexpensive toy rather than an entire bag. There’s heaps of idea out there.


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