Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannon

Create a party atmosphere your children will never forget!

Forget party poppers! – Our incredible confetti cannon literally fills the room with heaps of vibrant and colourful strips of confetti that will leave your kids and grownups in awe!! Check out our confetti cannon in action.

We use the cannon at various stages throughout the party, so its not just a one time event. Your kids get to experience being showered in confetti throughout the party, as well as it being the perfect finale!  We also turn it into a brilliant game with the kids, where they have to catch the confetti as it falls through the air.  (Yes grownups you can join in too!)

Great for photo opportunities and amazing memories!

You don’t need to worry about mess either, as we make sure there’s nothing left on the floor for you to clear up! So its stress free!!

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The Cannon was the highlight!! Wow!!  What kids don’t love to be covered in confetti like that! Great how there was nothing to clear up too! Fab party!

Simon Patterson