Froggle’s Awesome Dancing and Games Party

For ages 6 – 12

kids with balloon

Fun, imaginative and original party dances and games that are an absolute hit!

When you hear the words ‘games party’, if you’re thinking of pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, think again. This hugely entertaining party, offers an amazing mix of truly creative, and entertaining activities that your children will absolutely adore!

Watch the kids have an absolutely brilliant time as they turn each other into human mummies with tissue paper, go on our hugely entertaining ‘banana run’, and chase whizzing rocket balloons in the air.

This party really is a huge amount of fun and it’s perfect for lively kids that don’t want to stay still.

As well as a huge variety of brilliant dancing and games, there’s musical favourites like Macarena, limbo dancing, and conga. Not only that, there’s bubbles, prizes for every child, balloon modelling, and if the party is for a birthday, then your son or daughter gets to fire our brilliant air powered froggle rocket, and gets given a wonderful range of special balloon models to take home.

Check out our games and dancing party video. This is one party your kids will really love! For more information or to book a party in, give us a ring on the froggle phone.

Due to the nature of the activities in this party we do need a certain amount of space such as a church hall or community centre, in order to play the games with the kids.

Please note that we only recommend this party for 6 year olds and over. Whilst our games and dancing party is a hugely popular option for 6-12’s; for younger children, we believe that children need a bit more variety to go with the games and dancing activities, in order to keep them engaged for a whole party. So if you are wanting a fun and active party for younger kids that still has plenty of games and dancing in it, we’d recommend our ‘entertainer/ magician‘ party or ‘deluxe party‘.

man with dice
Party includes (1, 1.5 or 2 hrs):

  • Entertainer dressed in our red froggle uniform
  • Loads of brilliant party activities (like ‘rocket launcher’, ‘banana run’, and ‘human mummies’
  • Dancing and mini disco with limbo dancing, conga and Macarena
  • Crazy rocket balloons
  • Prizes for every child
  • Special birthday balloon models for the birthday child
  • Balloon modelling for every child (1.5 or 2 hrs only)
  • Bubbles (with a bubble wand)
  • Option to add bubble and/or snow machines (see costs page for prices)
  • Loads and loads of fun!
  • Free invites, posters, name stickers, certificates and thank you notes.
  • See one of our games and dancing parties in action


“It was amazing. Froggle kept the kids utterly enthralled and totally under control while we adults just stood lazily by with bubbly in our hands. I have literally never enjoyed a kids’ party this much. We were delighted with the entertainment: Froggle looked and sounded the part, was funny, didn’t rush through the party, and went out of his way to be extra accommodating for me. He arrived in good time, and he was ‘switched on’ right from the very moment he walked in the door. He made sure all the kids had a prize and his models were ingenious – we were all very impressed. Thank you!”

Emma, Mum

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