What areas do you cover?
We cover anywhere in the South East: London, Surrey , Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Middlesex, East and West Sussex and Hampshire. See the areas we cover on a map


Where are you based?
We have a number of different locations. Each area is run by a specific person who manages our team of froggle entertainers for that specific area. To find out where our office is based for each area, please go to the contacts page to find out who runs your area. Our main office headquarters is based in Ealing at: Boundary House, Boston Rd, Ealing, Hanwell, W7 2QE. Our actual entertainers are based all the areas we cover so your entertainer will always be someone local to your area.


Are your staff DBS checked?
Yes. Absolutely. All our staff are DBS checked (formerly known as CRB).


What makes you different from other party entertainers?
No party is ever the same. We know this and we know that as a good children’s entertainer, you have to respond to what children say and create a show that revolves around how they are on the day. For example if kids are highly energetic and ready to start jumping up and down, we won’t try to sit them down quietly and make them watch a show for 20 minutes, we’ll get them up and play active games and dance to music. Too many entertainers have one set routine and simply try to plough through it even if no one’s paying attention. Our team of entertainers are carefully picked to make sure they love working with kids and know how to enthuse them every step of the way. Each of our entertainers has bundles of energy and the shows are very lively, with loads of fun activities for children to watch and take part in.


Does it matter if I have a wide age range of children at my party?
Not at all. We can cater for parties for any age range. In cases like this we’ll design the parties specifically so that there is something in there for everyone.


How do I know what type of party to go for? 
If you’re not too sure what party to go for, the best thing to do would be to find out if your son or daughter has a preference. Alternatively feel free to discuss it with us and we can advise you. We know what children enjoy so no matter which one of our parties you choose, you can be sure they’ll be varied and thoroughly entertaining.


What’s the difference between an entertainer and Froggle the Clown?
The shows are very similar in nature but Froggle the Clown is dressed in a clown outfit complete with red nose, make up and wig whereas the entertainer is dressed up in a bright fun and colourful costume but without the wig, nose and makeup.


What’s the difference between an entertainer package and the deluxe package?
The deluxe package has a very similar content to the entertainer package in terms of magic, puppetry, dancing, rocket balloons, games, comedy, and prizes. The main difference is that you also get the bubble and snow machines, which the kids absolutely love. It creates an incredible party atmosphere. Also the party has a little bit more dancing in it that the entertainer/ magician party. Our deluxe package is one of our most popular party packages by far!


What do you do in the science party?
Our science parties include a range of fun science demonstrations that kids get to watch and help with. All the demonstrations that we do will be age appropriate, and related to science. As well as being visually stunning and entertaining, kids will actually discover the scientific explanation behind how these amazing demos are possible. The kids will also get to try out their own scientific experiments in the party and can even take them home afterwards if they so wish. There is a lot packed into this party to keep it engaging and fun. The party also includes a range of fun science related games, snow machine, bubbles and prizes for the children, plus the option of balloon modelling.


Are your science parties safe?
Yes they are safe. All the experiments we do are fun, safe and age appropriate.


What’s the science part of the party?
Basically the whole thing! The children will not only experience the fantastic demonstrations for themselves and hands on experiments but they will discover amazing things to do with ‘fantastic forces’ like static electricity, air pressure, magnetism and friction and more. We have worked alongside a top science communication expert, Maria Hogan, to ensure the perfect balance of science content and fun. Maria’s working credits include the Science Museum, British Science Association for the CREST awards, Science Learning Centre, Disney, BBC, the Crick Institute and many more. Your children really will explore the amazing world of science whilst having incredible amounts of fun.


Is there a break in your parties for food and drink?
1 hour parties usually run straight through with no break.

For 1.5 hour parties, the suggested format is a one hour show, followed by 30 minutes of balloon modelling (whilst the children have tea).

For 2 hour parties the suggested format is a 45 minute show, then a 30 min break for kids to have food and drink, (during which time your entertainer will make balloons for the children to take home with them) then another 45 minute show.

These are only suggested formats so we can tailor the party to suit your needs but we do find these formats work very well to help your party run smoothly.


Do you have a minimum or maximum number of children at a party?
No. But the price does increase if you go above 35 children.


Do you give out sweets?
No. We don’t give out any food, confectionary or consumable goods of any kind. This is due to allergies children may have to them.


What kind of prizes do you give out to the children?
Prizes vary depending on what we have on the day, but they generally include water pistols, medals, stickers, fun glasses, wall crawlers, bouncy balls, crayons, etc…


Do your entertainers dress up?
Yes they do, unless you request otherwise. Costumes vary depending on the party you go for. Typically most of our entertainer/ magicians wear a fun bright coloured red, blue and yellow costume. Themed parties obviously have the entertainer dressed up as a character from that theme. If you would prefer not to have a costume we are happy to accommodate this too.


My child saw your show. Can you do something different for their party?
Of course we have lots of different shows so there’s no risk of being bored by repetition.


How far in advance should I book?
Our parties are very popular and operate on a first come first serve basis, so it’s best to book as soon as possible. We can only confirm a booking on receipt of a deposit.


How do I book?
All bookings are done by telephone. Simply give us a call or email us to call you at a convenient time and we’ll take down a few details about the party. We do ask for a small deposit to secure the booking but then the rest is paid to your entertainer on the day in cash. You will get a confirmation from us to say that everything is booked in and your entertainer will arrive a bit beforehand to set up.


How do I pay?
We ask for deposits to be paid over the phone by credit or debit card. If booking quite far in advance we can accept bank transfers and postal orders made payable to ‘Froggle Parties’. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques. The remaining balance is paid to your entertainer in cash on the day.


What happens once I’ve booked the party?
Just relax. That’s it. We will send you a confirmation of your party by email and you will get a receipt for your deposit in the post. Your entertainer will turn up 15 -30 minutes before the due starting time in order to set up. (Set up time varies depending on the type of party you go for) So all you need to do is relax and enjoy the show.


What time will my entertainer arrive?
Set up time varies depending on the type of party you go for. Your entertainer will arrive between 15-30 minutes before the start time to greet you and to set up.


How many entertainers come to the party?
Unless you specifically request an additional entertainer there will be one person there.


Do you have a backup entertainer in case my entertainer is ill?
Yes we do.


Do you do party bags and what kind?
Yes we do. Our bags contain toys that appeal to both boys and girls or you can chose bags designed specifically for just boys or just girls, depending on what you’re after. Click for more information on party bags.


How much notice do I need to give for ordering party bags?
We need a minimum of one week’s notice. Parent’s sometimes like to wait till the very last day or two before the party to order the exact number of bags that they will need, but it’s very rare that you will know the exact number of children coming to your party so it’s best to order a few extra in case siblings come along or someone who didn’t RSVP turns up.


What other party extras do you do?
See our party extras page for a list of all our party extra services.


Do you bring all your own equipment with you?
Yes we bring everything. We bring all our props, music system, etc. So apart from food and drink you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Do you bring your own music?
Yes we do.


Are the entertainers male or female and can I choose which I’d prefer?
We have both male and female entertainers. We can usually offer you the choice of having a male or female entertainer, subject to availability. But it does help if you book as early as possible to give the best possibility of accommodating your preference.


What is your cancellation Policy?
Once a deposit is made, it cannot be refunded if a party is cancelled less than 4 weeks before the date of the party. If you cancel more than 4 weeks in advance, we can refund your deposit but please note that a £10 admin fee applies.

If a party is cancelled less than 4 weeks before a party, the deposit is non refundable and non transferable to another weekend date. We can however reschedule your party to a later date as long as it is on a weekday.

If for any reason a party has to be cancelled on the day of the party, notice must be given before the entertainer has commenced travel to the party destination. If for any reason you have to cancel and don’t give notice before the entertainer has commenced travel, you are required to cover the entertainer’s travel costs in full.

If for any reason we have to cancel a party due to extreme weather conditions then your deposit would be fully refundable and no admin fee would apply.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, then you can cancel a party and get a full refund on the deposit but only if your entertainer is unable to get to the party. If the entertainer is able to get to the party and you still cancel then the deposit is non refundable and non transferable to another weekend date. We can however reschedule your party to a later date as long as it is on a weekday.


How do I send comments or feedback?
If you have any comments you want to send in or you want to speak to us, feel free to either contact the manager of your area (see contacts page for details), or you can contact our head office at 08450 504 509 or email us at enquiries@froggleparties.com.