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Froggle's Awesome Games and Dancing Party

For ages 6-12!

Fun, imaginative and truly original party games and dancing that are an absolute hit!

banana run game in our kids and dancing parties

When you hear ‘kids games party’, if you’re thinking of pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, think again. This hugely entertaining party, offers an amazing mix of fantastically entertaining activities that your children will adore!

playing human mummies games in froggle games parties

Watch the kids have a brilliant time as they turn each other into human mummies with tissue paper, race around with giant bananas (‘banana run’), and chase whizzing rocket balloons in the air.

kids playing games and dancing along to activities

This party really is a huge amount of fun and perfect for lively kids.

As well as a huge variety of  dancing and games, there’s firm favourites like limbo dancing, and conga. There’s bubbles, touchable bubbles, prizes for every child, balloon modelling, and if the party is for a birthday, then your son or daughter gets to fire our brilliant air powered rocket, and get loads of special balloon models to take home.

game sand dancing parties

Due to the nature of the activities in this party we do need a certain amount of space such as a church hall or community centre, in order to play the games with the kids.

kids playing games at a party

Please note this party is for 6 year olds plus. Whilst our games and dancing party is great for 6-12’s; we feel that younger children need more variety to go with the games and dancing activities, to keep them engaged for the whole party. If you want a fun and active party for younger kids that still has plenty of games and dancing, we’d recommend our ‘entertainer’ party or ‘deluxe party‘.get in touch to find out more about our children's parties


Party includes (1, 1.5 or 2 hrs):

Do tell us if you want our children’s party entertainers to include more of one aspect of the show than another. We’re happy to accommodate this for you. For costs, please go to our costs page.

Suggested Party Formats

For our children’s games and dancing parties we suggest the following formats.

1 hour parties

1 hour party runs straight through with no break.

1.5 Hour Parties

The suggested format is a one hour show, followed by 30 minutes of balloon modelling (whilst the children have tea).

2 Hour Parties

The suggested format is a 45 minute show, then a 30 min break for kids to have food and drink, (during which time your entertainer will make balloons for the children to take home with them) then another 45 minute show.

It was amazing. Froggle kept the kids utterly enthralled and totally under control while we adults just stood lazily by with bubbly in our hands. I have literally never enjoyed a kids’ party this much. We were delighted with the entertainment: Froggle looked and sounded the part, was funny, didn’t rush through the party, and went out of his way to be extra accommodating for me. He arrived in good time, and he was ‘switched on’ right from the very moment he walked in the door. He made sure all the kids had a prize and his models were ingenious – we were all very impressed. Thank you!

– Emma, Mum

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Children’s Party Entertainers and Children’s Magicians!

Party can be tailored to suit all ages!

Kids Party

At Froggle Parties, our children’s magicians and party entertainers have truly amazing and wacky characters that have the kids in fits of laughter from start to finish!

Packed with astonishing magic, hilarious puppet shows, lively dancing, brilliant party games, balloon modelling, bubbles and top quality prizes, you can be sure this is a party the children will be raving about for weeks to come!

If your party is for a birthday, we make a huge fuss over the birthday child, where they get to help with the magic (assuming they want of course) and other aspects of the show, and are showered with balloons galore. They’re made the absolute star of the party!

Our kid’s party entertainers ensure these shows have tonnes crammed into them, with exciting games and musical favourites like conga and limbo dancing. The kids won’t want the fun to stop. Plus every child gets a super cool party prize to take home. (Such as water pistols, gold medals, stickers, bubbles, funky sunglasses, sticky wall crawlers, etc…)

As well as birthdays, our entertainers cater for every occasion, including weddings, christenings, fetes, fairs, walk about entertainment, corporate parties, school events and nurseries and we offer parties for any age from 1 to 101! For kids party entertainers that stand out it has to be Froggle Parties!

All of our bookings are finalised over the phone, so to book a children’s magician or kid’s party entertainer simply call us or send us an email. Click here for our contact page.

Check out a video of one of our parties in action. 

Package includes (1, 1.5 or 2 hrs):
. One of our kid’s party entertainers in full costume
. Children’s magic show
. Puppet show
. Bubbles (with bubble wand)
. Brilliant party games
. Crazy rocket balloons
. Funky mini disco (including limbo and conga)
. Balloon modelling
. Prizes for every child
. Loads of comedy and gags
. Free printable invites, certificates and more

Do tell us if you want our children’s party entertainers to include more of one aspect of the show than another. We’re happy to accommodate this for you. For costs, please go to our costs page.

“I have been to many parties over the past couple of years, and mostly the entertainers have been ‘hit and miss’ – you were certainly a 100{5b06dad37fc82e3de4dc29a61c75ece5824fa698e33dff7f102a82d02d3de632} hit!”

Justine Turner

Read some of our previous customers’ feedback about our children’s party entertainers.


Froggle Parties provides kids party entertainers with a difference.

We know that good children’s party entertainers can be hard to find but with Froggle Parties you can book with confidence. All of our team love what they do and are bursting with energy. They are young and energetic and trained by us to do our own exclusive Froggle shows. We can do the party in any venue like a hall or a room in your house and your entertainer will bring all their own equipment on the day, including their music system, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just relax and enjoy the show.

Don’t forget, we can tailor your celebration to suit your needs, so if you want one of our magicians that focuses more on magic, one of our kid’s party entertainers that does more games and dancing, or one of our performers that offers the whole range of lively activities, we can tailor the event to fit whatever you want.

We know it’s variety that’s key to a successful party, which is why our team cram tonnes of fantastic and varied activities into the show to keep your children fully engaged from start to finish. Our parties are different because we respond to how children are on the day. There is no routine that’s set in stone. So if the little ones are really active we’re not going to try and sit them down for a magic show like most entertainers would. We’ll get them up and play games, do dancing or other high energy activities.


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Watch one of our amazing kids parties in action!


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